Virtual tropical adventure

by Anh Khoa on May 24, 2020

Hey you!

It's May, but due to COVID-19, the world is still not ready to open for international travelings. At least, in a sense of, not able to travel comfortably and without any restrictions. 

People are sad and feel like they have been missing out a lot. But, there is something needed to be done and to take a precautionary measure. Thank you for all health care workers who risk their lives and make the world a better and healthier place!

On a more positive note, the virus spread has been slowed down and summer is just around the corner!

Puffee's own Summer Collection has arrived, hopefully, to help people get the mood ready for summer. These are super soft and colorful tote bags that you can use for your grocery runs or gift to your friends. 

Shop our summer collection - tropical paradise edition to give you a virtual tropical adventure. 

We have lobster claw, maraca ginger, parrot, leafy and tropical eco-cotton totes and tops to choose from. Go check them out now, we think you'll love them!

Until next time....